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Referral Fees for Commercial Mortgage Leads

Refer Us Commercial Mortgage Loans and
Earn Big Referral Fees: Two Different Ways

  1. Add Our On-Line Commercial Mortgage Application System to Your Website  You'll be paid one-eighth of a point on any deal that closes.  It will take your web guru just ten minutes to create the hyperlink. One eighth of a point on a $5 million loan is $6,250.

  2. Include a "Commercial Mortgages" Link in Your E-Mails   Do you blast out e-mails to real estate brokers and mortgage companies?  Now you can earn $1,000 to $10,000 referral fees by just adding four words - "Need a Commercial Mortgage?" - to your message.

Please bookmark this page right now.  Then, whenever you stumble across a borrower in need of a commercial mortgage loan anywhere in the country, all you'll have to do is return to your Bookmarks.  There you'll see a hyperlink entitled Referral Fees for Commercial Mortgage Leads.  Click on the bookmark and our e-mail address will instantly appear on your screen.  Fill in the borrower's name and telephone number and fire!

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